Brynna G.

I play for Michigan State Club Soccer and saw Erik for 2 separate sessions starting 2 weeks before I left for Nationals in Round Rock, Texas with our undefeated team. My team had just won the regional tournament to extend our undefeated season where I played 3 games within 24 hours which left my muscles overworked.  Erik was able to get my muscles firing back to normal after over a year of my body compensating due to a quad injury, which led to a groin strain, knee pain, glute pain and eventually lower back pain.  This back pain ended up inhibiting my play and forced me to sit out of practices.  Without Erik’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in all 4 games in our National tournament and contribute to my team’s success in reaching the Elite 8 in the nation for Women’s Club Soccer.  I can’t thank Erik enough!

Brad B. 

No Bull has helped me to loose weight, get stronger, and have more self confidence! When I miss a workout due to a scheduling conflict I feel like I am missing something. I am not one of those people that love to work out. But Eric and No Bull make me want to keep coming back! Thank you Eric.

.loey G. 

I’ve been going to NO Bull for about 2 years now and every time I go in there I know I will be getting the best workout of my life, that’s not the only part though, I have built great relationships with so many people including Erik. It’s more than just a training facility, everyone is family at No BULL!

Nikki N. 

My 14 year old son has been going for a few months. Erik and Lack have been inspirng and great at training him. He is seeing results and his confidence has increased dramatically. I appreciate Erik’s focus on mindset and I know that he has helped my son become a better athlete safely. I have done some group classes myself and they are fun, move along fast and are a serious work out. For the females that don’t appreciate the big gyms or are not getting strength training you should
check this place out too. No Bull has a friendlv positive environment. No whining aloud!

Amanda B. 

The group workout is an awesome addition to my personal training. I have been working out at NoBull for almost a vear and I feel so much better every morning. It is a to me, well rounded workout

Ken A.

For over a year now, I have looked forward to every workout at No Bull with Eric. However, the group sessions are better because of the camaraderie. If you haven’t tried a group session. would definite lv recommended it. And if vou haven’t worked out at No Bull I would definitely recommend that too.

Aaron C. 

I have trained with multiple people, college coaches and specialists and NO Bull is hands down the best. I am a former college football player who trained here this previous offseason and I truly believe the work I did out me in the position I am today! I am back and hungry to reach the NFL and this is the only place I trust to help make this dream a reality. Commit to No Bull in vour life!

Andrew A. 

I have been training at No Bull Strength and Performance for over 5 years. Training here has helped me make great strides in my athletic performance in baseball and help me reach my goal of playing collegiate baseball. Erik has helped me stay healthy and not miss a game because of injury since I started training with him.  Hi has helped me become a better athlete physically and mentally.

Lukas V. 

No Bull Strength and Performance is the only place I trust with training. For the time I step into the gym and the time I leave, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Erik is a phenomenal trainer who helps you work towards not only your fitness but your personal goals. He is the one trainer I know who actually cares about his clients and takes the time to truly take care of them.  I will only train at No Bull from now on.  Thank you Erik!

Susan S.

I recently celebrated 5 years with No Bull!!  Thank you Erik 😉 For me this has been a commitment of working out 3x a week as well as a journey to better health and fitness. I look forward to my workouts.  I have tried different places and workouts and was never able to stick with them until coming to No Bull.  Yes, I have seen the transformations and couldn’t be happier! I could not have achieved this goal without having an amazing trainer who encourages you to do your best, even when you don’t feel like it.  You are always made to feel part of the family. Come and experience for yourself.  Thank you Erik for your commitment, kindness, passion and generosity for all you do, it is greatly appreciated.

Brad B. 

No Bull Strength and Performance has helped me change my whole self.  Body, spirit, and overall wellness.  I’ve lost 40lbs and kept it off for a year.  When I can’t make a workout I always seem to miss it.  I’ll admit that sometimes I do not feel like going, but once I do I’m always glad I did.  Erik always gives the right amount of encouragement and motivation that helps me to push through for a few more reps.

Jenny M. 

Erik is awesome people. No Bull is an amazing training facility with top of the line equipment.  I have been going off and on for a couple of years now.  Through a shoulder issue and now my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, he takes the time to work with me within my limits and do everything they can to give me a good workout and strengthen the areas needed without putting me at risk for injury.  Plus he is a cool dude!  Thank you for having my best interests in mind and for providing a great place to bring my sexy back!

Marie H.

Very good start to getting strong again. Erik listens carefully to what you want to achieve and what pain and physical restrictions you need to overcome. He is very knowledgeable and watches carefully to make sure you are maintaining proper form but not causing injuries.  He does a great job.   I look forward to my next training sessions.

Kathleen Z. 

I cannot say enough good things about Erik. He’s professional and extremely knowledgable.  Training sessions are one on one so you have his undivided attention.  The gym equipment he uses you not find in any commercial gym and has definitely made a difference for me. I have a chronic pain condition that I’ve been managing for the past 10 years with pain injections and physical therapy. I’ve tried workout out with other trainers throughout the years, but those workouts really had no success in helping with my pain. I always felt the workouts were cookie cutter. Since I”ve been training with Erik my workouts are customized to my needs with respect to my limitations.

Erik listens and cares about my progress.  Hands down he was my missing link.   Since training with Erik my pain has been significantly reduced, I sleep better, move better, and overall feel better.

Stephen W. 

This is the best place I’ve ever done my workout training at. Being a junior hockey player I’ve had many trainers over the years but no once has taken the time and effort to train my specifically to what I need to improve. No Bull has helped me get results fit and I’ve never felt more prepared physically for an upcoming season.  Highly recommend!

Laura P. 

As a runner, I always thought to get faster I would need to run more often or do speed work. It never seemed to work. I couldn’t get my times any faster. Then I started strength training with Erik. He advised me to run less often and weight train twice a week.  After a few months I was hitting a PR with each run. the best part was a I wasn’t even trying. Building strengths added speed without effort.  It was awesome!!  Not only is my running better, my Dady to day life is too.  I have so much more energy to play with my kids.  I choose to train with Erik because he keeps the workouts short and productive. I get a great workout with results in 30 minutes and I don’t have to think about my workout.  I show up and go through the motions without having to worry if I’m doing the right thing or workout hard enough. He makes sure it’s a great workout each time! Last, he actually cares about helping you get the results you want.  Erik customizes your workout to fit your needs or health. I couldn’t have found a better place!

Dylan M. 

10/10 Excellent one on one training with great Pendulum equipment. Erik gets the best out of you each workout! Currently playing junior hockey in the NAHL and it’s a great preparation for the upcoming season.

Tammie B. 

I like the customized training plans. Erik implements, catering to your specific needs and adjusts it accordingly as your training progresses. He listens to your any questions or concerns you may have and has very knowledgeable solutions.

Heather N. 

Training with Erik has improved my overall fitness. I am very appreciative of his attention to detail. Recently I go a little over excited about my deadlift and strained my glute. His immediate reaction and attention helped me to prevent further strain and have a quick recovery. I have had a lot of angst about the new physical fitness test for the Army. Erik has been super helpful with creating workouts that will help me be successful. His guidance not only addresses my physical heal, but also assists with my mental health. I truly appreciate his holistic approach to fitness.

Pete M. 

I don’t review anything unless its worth it.  5 starts. I reached out on a whim and very happy I did!

Ken W. 

Erik is extremely knowledgable when it comes to overall fitness. Not only Dows he know how to train you to get to your goals but he explains to you why it’s important to work on specific areas of your body. Knowing why, how, and what is taking place is extremely important when you training. He mixes his training up with you so you do not get bored doing the same thing over and over. I would highly recommend No Bull Strength to whom ever is in need of bettering their life and making themselves more healthy.

Monique T. 

Today was my first workout and it was AMAZING!!!

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