Did You Know?

  • Benefits of Head & Neck Training

    1. Lower The Concussive Forces
    2. Enhance The Ability To Move The Head Quickly
    3. Increase The Maximum Oxygen Uptake By Strengthening The Musculature That Elevates The Rib Cage
    4. Increase The Blood Flow To and From The Brain To Become More Effective At Cooling
    5. Stretch And Strengthen The Suboccipitol Muscles To Lengthen The Hamstrings
    6. Reduction Of Headaches Due To Weakened Head Muscles
    7. Increased Balance And Athleticism By Training The Hot Bed Of Proprioception
    8. Increase The Ability To Jump Higher
    9. Have An Ongoing Strength Measurement So An Athlete Can Safely Return To Play After Head And/Or 
Neck Trauma
    10. Dramatically Increase Strength To Bench, To Press, To Squat, Or Just Get Strong
    11. Make fewer mistakes!!
    12. Increase Blood Flow to the Brain to enhance Attention and Memory
    13. Improve Retina control, specifically in non-dominant eye
    14. Improve spatial awareness

  • Benefits of Resistance Training

    Wayne L. Westcott, PhD., has researched the benefits of resistance training and has the following reasons every adult should do strength exercises.

    1. Avoid muscle loss
    2. Avoid metabolic rate reduction
    3. Increase muscle mass
    4. Increase metabolic rate
    5. Reduce body fat.
    6. Increase bone mineral density
    7. Improve glucose metabolism
    8. Increase gastrointestinal transit time
    9. Reduce resting blood pressure
    10. Improved blood lipid levels
    11. Reduce low back pain
    12. Reduce arthritic pain

  • Exercise & Brain Function

    As if that were not enough Dr. John Medina and John J. Ratey MD each wrote books discussing the benefits of exercise for the brain. Research has shown that exercise can:

    1. Improve concentration
    2. Improve memory
    3. Improve mental alertness
    4. Improve access to the oxygen and food the brain craves
    5. Improve thinking skills
    6. Helps beat stress
    7. Relieves anxiety
    8. Decrease depression or symptoms of depression
    9. Helps control ADD / ADHD
    10. Helps in controlling addiction
    11. Allows greater plasticity, meaning we are able to produce new brain cells

    Included in Dr. Medina’s book is results from research explaining that exercise can cut the risk of Dementia by up to 60% and Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50%.

  • Benefits of Mindset Training

    1. Better understanding of yourself
    2. Ability to flow from negative to positive attitudes and thoughts more efficiently
    3. Better organization
    4. Emotional management
    5. Time management
    6. Sustainable success without self sabotage
    7. Neuroplasticity, track and understand bad habits to easily overcome them