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Your body has been trying to train your neck since you first tried to hold up your head. Give it a hand with these 3 body weight exercises that get you started on the path to better health, better bloodflow to the brain and better performance.

Highly effective workout in just 30 minutes

Protect and develop strength with controlled lift speeds and specialized form techniques

Proven methods for dramatic results

Evidence based + 30 years experience for dramatic results

Master your metabolism for lifelong change

Learn Metabolic flexibility to maximize metabolism

Our Story

NO BULL Strength and Performance is the only facility in MidMichigan area committed to Evidence Based strength training in a private controlled setting personalized to the individual.

Come see and experience the difference of the most effective training session of MidMichigan.

At NO BULL Strength and Performance, we are a STRICTLY one-on-one personal training facility, which means you are guided through EVERY aspect of EVERY training session; however, under that umbrella, we offer many different services. The basis of our program is full-body High Intensity Training, which ensures maximum stimulation of all major musculatures of the body in a minimum amount of time.

Intensity-based exercise is about finding the right amount of exercise the body needs to create positive adaptation (muscle growth, fat loss, strengthening of joints, etc.) It is not about doing countless sets of the same exercise or just moving through an exercise without purpose. In our programs, we make sure you are getting the most out of each set and each rep.

NO BULL Strength & Performance opened in 2010 knowing that most people do not lift consistently for one or more  reasons:

  • Inexperience
  • Intimidation
  • Injury Limitations
  • Fear of Injury
  • Available time
  • Lack of results with previous programs

NO BULL’s strength programs solve all of this. Whether a novice or an experienced lifter, we can get you STRONGER in less time than you ever imagined. Our equipment is bio-mechanically correct and satisfy your needs for full-range exercise.  

We're the only facility outside of professional sporting teams and universities in the state that offers the entire line of Pendulum Strength equipment along with hand picked pieces of Hammer Strength, Nautilus, MedX Avenger, and other pieces to keep you challenged.  

We're the first in the state to offer the DynavecMD Gluteator and the only Dynavec Plantaris ankle system.

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Meet Erik


Erik McKay

Erik McKay is the owner and mentor at No Bull Strength and Performance LLC. A proud graduate of Central Michigan University, Erik was inspired to pursue a career in Physical Education and School Health after coaching youth sports for several years.

While coaching he realized that he could use his skills and knowledge to be a mentor for kids that he himself needed when he was younger. His passion for being active and knowledge of strength training led him to want to be a high school physical education teacher & strength coach.

Tim Lelito

New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions (Retired)

Having been trained personally by Erik McKay, I believe in his ability to properly train athletes. Erik not only has the experience, but is also safe and effective when it comes to training athletes.

First and foremost, the methods by which Erik conducts his business and reputation are one hundred percent structured around safety of the athlete.

Being an Offensive Lineman for the New Orleans Saints, my job beats me up on a regular basis. It’s an absolute sigh of relief to know that when I come home to train during the off season, I am not going to get hurt or put my career in jeopardy. I firmly believe that this would be beneficial for young athletes as well, who often have the attention spans of gnats, and require a trainer who will actively keep them safe with proper form and execution of exercises. As a professional athlete I one hundred percent put my stamp on and endorse Erik McKay.

 get to know us 


Personalized Training

One on One

ALL sessions are Personalized and Private 1-1 strength training designed to PROTECT and DEVELOP the Athlete in EVERYONE. In 30 minutes you WILL improve your strength, cardio, and flexibility.ALL sessions are Personalized and Private 1-1 strength training designed to PROTECT and DEVELOP the Athlete in EVERYONE. In 30 minutes you WILL improve your strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Specialized Testing

Neuromuscular Testing

We are the only facility in the MidMichigan area that uses RPR and BAT to test and teach you how to Live Optimized. Eliminate pain, increase strength, flexibility, balance, speed and coordination. It is an empowering practice that seeks out, identifies and overrides muscle compensations that lead to stress, injury and pain. Once learned the process can take literally minutes anywhere, anytime.

Specific Training

Head and Neck

We are the only facility in the area that has not one, but two Pendulum Strength neck machines along with the Head and Neck Specialist Certification.-

Body Composition


Go beyond the scale and learn what your scale doesn’t tell you. See what you are truly made up of…measure how much muscle, fat, and total body water is in your body composition. Learn your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), how many calories your body burns at rest to get your calories intake dialed in. Learn of any muscular imbalances you may have upper and lower body. And much more info.


PNOÈ Breathe Analysis

PNOĒ analyzes your metabolism, VO2max, and biological age to ensure nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are personalized to your biology and we create a training plan based on your specific needs.

Mental Fitness


Unlock your inner self for unlimited SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. Learn techniques for time management, organization, emotional management, and more. Think about it like doing research on the most important thing in your world…YOU!

Real People, Real Stories

For years I wanted to try free running, but I had injuries and my broken neck made me think it wasn't going to happen. Yesterday, I did deadlifts! I couldn't even consider it without your head and neck training. Thank you for helping me dream again!

Judy Mitchell

I have tried everything in the book to lose weight, and got some results, but none lasted. Something about working out with Erik clicked...I'm down three pant sizes and my "K-Mart arms" are starting to take shape. Erik is encouraging and will give you that push when you need it!

Angie Maloney

Erik helped me get back the strength, mobility, and flexibility I had lost over two years of chronic, severe back pain. In my time with him, I have seen him combins his knowledge, compassion and confidence to help others as he has helped me.

Ken A

Give your head a headstart with these bodyweight neck training exercises