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NO BULL workouts stress the use of controlled lifting speeds and strict form to Protect and Develop.


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saints-footballHaving been trained personally by Erik McKay, I believe in his ability to properly train athletes. Erik not only has the experience, but is also safe and effective when it comes to training athletes.

First and for most, the methods by which Erik conducts his business and reputation are one hundred percent structured around safety of the athlete.

Being an Offensive Lineman for the New Orleans Saints, my job beats me up on a regular basis. It’s an absolute sigh of relief to know that when I come home to train during the off season, I am not going to get hurt or put my career in jeopardy. I firmly believe that this would be beneficial for young athletes as well, who often have the attention spans of gnats, and require a trainer who will actively keep them safe with proper form and execution of exercises.  As a professional athlete I one hundred percent put my stamp on and endorse Erik McKay.

Tim Lelito – New Orleans Saints #68 (Retired)

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